2019 Winner:  Quirky Plastics

DescriptionEnable the recycle and reuse of any plastic regardless of color.  Create a new category of interesting, 'quirky' consumer products.

ImpactBy simplifying and reducing the cost of recycling plastic, it is possible to capture and re-use a much wider variety of discarded plastics, significantly reducing the amount of plastics left in landfills, lakes and oceans.

TeamKatie McGuckin (Neuroscience, 2020), Brett Segobi (Neuroscience, 2020)


2018 Winner:  Vivagua, Marine Wildlife Tracking App

DescriptionA mobile app that allows divers to enter marine wildlife in real time. 

ImpactBy crowdsourcing thousands of marine wildlife sitings, the Roatan Marine National Park will be better able to measure and asses the health of the marine ecosystem.

Team:  Ralph Moran (CS, 2020) and Elijah Hager (CS, 2020)