When are applications due?

October 22nd, 2020.   Submit through the 'Apply' button on this web site.

How many finalists will be selected?

Up to 10 teams.   

What can the seed capital be used for?

Any expenses that are required to complete your project.  For example, social media advertising, software tools, web services, IT expenses, travel expenses to the field site if needed.  C-Prize seed capital may not be used for any form of personal compensation.


What type of ideas are accepted?

Any idea as long as its goal is to create positive impact in Conservation, Climate Change or Clean Energy.  Some example:  (1)  Develop a new, innovative technology; (2) Integrate existing technologies into an innovative solution and bring that to market; (3) Help an existing nonprofit customize and/or deploy a technology; (4) Raise capital for an existing nonprofit; (5) Drive greater awareness of any C-field with the goal of creating positive change.  Your imagination is the only limit.

What makes an application standout?

Teams that have the necessary skills, experience or attitude to successfully execute on the idea.  Teams that demonstrate a clear plan and strong commitment to complete it.  Highly innovative, 'thinking-out-of-the-box' ideas.  Previous engagement and validation with targeted users/partners/organizations.  

Who is allowed to apply?

Any student, undergraduate or graduate, currently enrolled at the University of Notre Dame.​

Who is behind the C-Prize?

C-Prize was founded by Chris Vargas, a Notre Dame alum. His background includes Founder/CxO of several startups. Today he is a private investor and venture philanthropist, based in Silicon Valley.  Chris lectures each Fall on Entrepreneurship, at the University of Notre Dame.

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