We provide $10,000 in seed funding to young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas in Conservation, Climate Change and Clean Energy.

What is the C-Prize?

C-Prize is an annual competition for University students that provides $10,000 in seed capital for innovative solutions that address Conservation, Climate Change or Clean Energy.   


How does it work? 

Each year The C-Prize organization challenges student-teams to come up with an innovative solution in the areas of Conservation, Climate Change or Clean Energy.  There are no limits on ideas:  perhaps developing a new, innovative technology.  Or leverage existing technologies.  Why not raise capital for your favorite nonprofit?  Or execute a project in your neighborhood - or on the other side of the world.   The sky is the limit.  The only requirement is that your idea creates positive, measurable impact in Climate Change, Conservation or Clean Energy. 


Teams apply by submitting a short (max. 2 pages) proposal. We select the most promising ideas and invite those teams to a finals night where they present to a panel of experts. The winning team receives $10,000 in seed capital to execute their idea.

We see this as a win-win:  Students receive real world experience that meaningfully changes our world. Our planet receives a critical, helping hand where it is needed most.   Innovation with a conscience.  

The C-Prize is not an 'idea' competition.  We expect the winning teams to deliver their solution and create impact.  Many of the world's most brilliant ideas came from a few students in a dorm room.  We want to bring that same innovation to Conservation, Climate Change and Clean Energy. 


If you are a Notre Dame student and want to change the world for good (before you graduate) but just need a little funding to get going, apply for the C-Prize today.  The 2020 C-Prize will be held at the University of Notre Dame; the application date will be announced in late Spring, 2020.


Join us in changing the world, for good. 

Current Projects

Using mobile technology to monitor species populations on the coast of Honduras.

Marine Population Statistics Monitor

Identifying wild dogs for the Painted Dog Conservation in Mozambique

Painted Dog Image Recognition

Measuring compliance to help ensure the survival of Cotton Top Tamarins with Proyecto Titi

Environmental Compliance App

Real time tracking for the Purple Martin Conservation Association.

Purple Martin Conservation

Reducing human-lion conflict in Kenya.

Predator Protection Device


In Silicon Valley:  Chris Vargas


At Notre Dame: (tba)

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